Sosnowsky's hogweed One of the main dangers for tourists in summer isSosnowsky's hogweed(Heracleum sosnowskyi). This perennial plant has big green leaves with acumens and in the blooming period – a big white flower, which shape resembles a dill flower, but many times as large. 

It is in the blooming period that the plant is dangerous, especially when the weather is hot. When essential oils exhaled bySosnowsky's hogweedcome in contact with skin, they cause photochemical burns on it which may lead to skin diseases. If you came in contact with the plant, cover the skin areas where essential oils could get onto, avoid exposure to the sun light and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Snakes In the Carpathians you can come upon venomous snakes, but the cases when they bite humans are very uncommon. To avoid snake bites you should tread steadily because snakes feel vibrations of the ground with their whole bodies, and mind your steps, especially in high grass and on the roads well li…

"City in the forest"

"City in the forest" Description and Google map of cycling way around Lviv. This tour we recommended for everybody who like cycling and observing native nature. We tell about favorite citizens' parks and forests which are located in the city and around. 
You can begin your bicycle trip on the central square and in some minutes get in the first park on the way. “High castle park” - there are several panoramic viewpoints of the city. After this park we go to the top of the hills in the city, where we rarely come across car routes. The next park is the one the citizens call Kaiserwald. It’s a historical park which includes museum of wooden Ukrainian Carpathian architecture.  After this park we'll be cycling for a little while on the street with car traffic.In the end of Lychakivska street Vynnykivs’kiy forest appears. What is remarkable about this forest is that it was the Primeval beech forest. A lot of really old trees and some wild places. Good place for birdwatchers an…

Welcome to Ukraine Carpathians!

Welcome to Ukraine Carpathians! We offer you various kinds of trips, routes and adventures to choose from.Hiking in Ukraine    Hiking and trekkingin Ukraine Carpathians bring you guaranteed delight. We’ve got lots of routes and paths for everyone who likes sleeping in tents, but if you prefer light trekking, we provide it as well. Our video of hiking to mount Shpyci, Chornohora range.
Tourist attractions in Carpathians     At your disposal -waterfalls, rocks, lakes, castles, ancient wooden architecture, Carpathian national cuisine, ethnic traditions and old legends in conjunction with awesome panoramic views in numerous tours.
Carpathian cuisine

Cycling in Carpathians       In addition Ukraine Carpathians afford lots of opportunities for bikers including special tracks for extreme downhill biking.
Our video about cycling  in Ukrainian Carpathians
    Rafting in Carpathian riversis also worth mentioning: it is exciting and unforgettable.     Should you prefer relaxation in comfort, Ukraine C…